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New album “Burning Room Only” – JAZZIZ Magazine
“Critic’s Choice 2022: The Best Albums of the Year”



Twenty five years after establishing himself as an emotionally impactful straight ahead guitarist with his popular ensemblePursuance, multi-faceted guitarist Ron Bosse pulls a fascinating, freewheeling 180, getting into an funkified, explosive and uber-melodic groove collaborating like never before with legendary keyboardist, composer and producer Jeff Lorber on his epic high octane (and perfectly titled!) new album Burning Room Only. The fun and fiery, no holds barred approach Bosse and Lorber stir up with the likes of Bob Mintzer, Bob Reynolds, BenShepherd, Jimmy Haslip, MonoNeon, Hadrien Feraud, Gary Novak and David Mann is only the foundational part of the larger story the guitarist is creating for himself here. Fulfilling GuitarPlayer Magazine’s early assessment of him as a “master in the making” like never before, Bosse finally gives himself the perfect spotlight to showcase his potent rhythm lead guitar chops with some of the most colorful and creative melodic lines and improvisations of his career.


“Burning Room Only is one of those rare collections where every track is a gem worthy of rapt attention!” Jonathan Widran, Contributor to Jazziz & Downbeat

“Bosse is a master in the making!” Guitar Player Magazine

Ron Bosse is the definition of jazz guitar genius.” Lee Prosser, The Jazz Review

I highly recommend Burning Room Only to anyone that loves world class musicianship.” – Luke Wolk, Radio Guitar One

I honestly cannot overstate what a good listen it is. It has all the elements that make it stand out from the sea of good guitar players that work within the many subgenera of jazz. The interplay between the musicians is as good as it gets and the production is flawless. Ron’s guitar is a masterclass in playing for the song while still pushing the boundary far enough to make his very capable voice be heard.Luke Wolk, Radio Guitar One

“Aerodynamic is the study of the motion of air, particularly when affected day a solid object. This effortless gliding through the air is also transferred by Ron to his music and distinguishes the entire album.”Hans-Burnd Hülsmann, Starportrait, Germany

Bosse’s guitar brings a fiery edge to tracks that define the essence of fusion: jazz improvisation meets rock and roll abandon.Jazz Guitar Today

“Fulfilling Guitar Player Magazine’s early assessment of him as a “master in the making” like never before, Bosse finally gives himself the perfect spotlight to showcase his potent lead guitar chops with some of the most colorful and creative melodic lines and improvisations of his career.”Jonathan Widman, Contributor to Jazziz Magazine

“This radiantly flourishing new recording opens on the heartbeat of the album, the groovy, free flowing funk of ‘Bossman’ (his longtime nickname) and the majestically intricate ‘Power Drive’… my goodness, just listening to his fingers do the talking makes me exhausted!”Dr. Eunice Moseley, Exclusive Magazine

“Ron graces this recording with his deeply funky, groovelated chops, alongside other genre-busting creators, including Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Lorber, Bob Reynolds and Gary Novak, showing why he’s been the choice of Dave Liebman, Mike Stern and Norman Brown, and received glowing accolades from DownBeat, JazzTimes, Guitar Player Magazine, The Boston Globe and The New York Times.”WBGO Radio

“You will understand it yourself, but the editors of Paris-Move and Bayou Blue Radio have not taken long to grant the status of “indispensable” to this album.”Thierry Docmac, Correspondent in the USA, Bayou Blue News – Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

“Guitarist Ron Bosse delivers a sleek and soulful collection of originals with an all star cast of LA studio studs. He must have just gone into the Baked Potato one night and raided the joint, as the album included BP regulars like keyboardists Jeff Lorber, drummer Gary Novak, bassist Hadriend Feraud or Jimmy Haslip, and saxists Bob Reynolds and Bob Mintzer.”Jazz Weekly


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Winner of Jazziz Magazine’s Critics’ Picks for “Best Albums of 2022” for his album “Burning Room Only”, critically acclaimed guitarist Ron Bosse continues to turn heads with his high-octane blend of funk/fusion and virtuosic guitar chops. Featuring some of Boston’s most respected jazz artists, including Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of Music professors, this burning group of jazzers delivers exceptional performances anchored by Bosse’s adventurous compositions.

  • Ron Bosse: Guitar
  • Will Hudgins: Vibraphone
  • Mark Zaleski: Alto Saxophone
  • Fernando Huego: Bass Guitar
  • Steve Langone: Drums


Forgin ahead from their enormously successful album “Burning Room Only”, this supergroup features the blazing chops of guitarist Ron Bosse and the funky, fiery keyboard playing of powerhouse Jeff Lorber. Performing the uber funky and high-energy tracks of Bosse and Lorber, as well as iconic Lorber classics like “Tune 88” and “Montserrat”, this group of mastered musicians is one of the most exciting bands on the scene today. Rounding out the group is a stellar lineup of some of New England’s finest players.

  • Ron Bosse: Guitar
  • Jeff Lorber: Keyboards
  • Will Hudgins: Vibraphone
  • Mark Zaleski: Alto Saxophone
  • Fernando Heugo: Bass Guitar
  • Steve Langone: Drums


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